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  • Best of Italy and Germany, in India
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Grandeur offers the discerning customer a wide range of modular kitchens, appliances and furniture from premium European brands.

Through our showrooms in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, we bring to you exclusive Italian & German modular kitchens that are functional, aesthetic and fully customizable. To complement these, a wide range of built-in kitchen appliances from leading global brands is offered. Grandeur also collaborates with some of Italy’s finest furniture brands to bring to you world-class wardrobes, innovative wall compositions, as well as exceptional living, dining & bedroom solutions.

Our foundation lies in the impeccable service provided by our team of professionals who cater to all your requirements from start to finish.
At Grandeur, we like to be ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest trends in the industry and endeavour to be the partner of choice in designing the perfect space for you.

17 years of excellence

Over the past 17 years, Grandeur has successfully created a niche for itself amongst reputed architects, interior designers, developers as well as enlightened consumers.

Being one of the pioneers of the industry, Grandeur has successfully completed thousands of retail kitchens over the past decade, in addition to more than 2000 project kitchens for builders and developers.

You can benefit from our vast experience in the field in all your interactions with us.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

At Grandeur, we take customer satisfaction seriously. In fact, it trumps all other objectives. Over the last two decades, we have managed to garner a large base of clients that are extremely satisfied with our work, and we constantly endeavour to achieve the same with every additional client.

We believe in continuous improvement with the help of customer feedback and have worked with our partners to modify products for the Indian market based on inputs from our clients.

Best of Italy and Germany, in India

We represent the choicest brands from Italy and Germany, that offer an optimum price-quality ratio for the Indian luxury market.

Italy is known for its design leadership, while the Germans lead the world in production quality. With Grandeur, you get the best of both these countries, right here in India.

Installation Expertise

The Grandeur installation teams consist of highly trained and experienced members who work with precision and technical proficiency. Our teams adopt installation 'best practices' that ensure an extremely high level of accuracy and precision.

Our crew is regularly trained and updated with the best tools to aid them in their work. Given the technical nature of modular kitchens and wardrobes, at Grandeur, we leave nothing up to chance.

Quality of Materials

The brands we represent at Grandeur, use only world class materials for the production of their goods. To complement this, they adopt cutting-edge production techniques to ensure a high degree of durability of all their products.

Quality of raw materials used is one of the foremost factors we consider before partnering with a brand. This way we ensure that our entire portfolio is populated with products that boast of solid build-quality and durability, to endure harsh Indian conditions.


A family-run enterprise, Grandeur is led by brothers Ravi and Rohin. With strong commerce backgrounds and experience in varied industries prior to this, the brother duo has led by example through times of expansion. They are aided by Karan & Neha, who mark the entry of the second generation into the business.

Their strength lies in the complementary nature of their respective skills, the efforts of the COO Arun, and a hard working team that supports them at every step.

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With Grandeur, there are no hidden costs. The management believes that any import based trade is always built on the twin foundations of trust and transparency. This principle filters through to all levels of the organization. As a result, all transactions with Grandeur are clear and transparent, leaving no room for hidden costs or fine print.

Partners & Brands