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Home Décor Tips for Spring!

With March and the incoming month of spring, the first step is to change the theme of winter, roll up the carpets and welcome the freshness with all the cleaning! Adding an interesting Italian sofa or letting in some nature essence in your house, is all you need to change things. Updating your house for sunnier days is, after all, a big leap!

 Here are a few tips on home décor to adopt this season that are sure to revamp your house and welcome the brand new!

Reassemble your Furniture

Rearranging the furniture plan of your house without actually replacing your furniture does much of the change. Modifying your living room floor plan is the non-cost decorating tip. Moving around your furniture is almost like a super quick update to the new season.

Another option is to replace your old, darker furniture with the new if you are ready. Darker furniture may go well with the cold essence of winter but it fails from giving out a springtime vibe.  Putting lighter colored, especially white furniture in not just your living room but also the bedroom, bathroom and more places works wonders. Updating your curtains and other essentials along with the change in furniture is a great tip.

If you are considering changing your furniture then, lighter tinged Italian furniture in Mumbai, and other cities etc is your best bet. Pianca Furniture India and Bonaldo India have a range of options in luxury furniture in Delhi, Mumbai, and other cities, to choose from.

Maybe the whip on an Italian sofa as a statement has the potential to change things much.  

Throw in some nature vibes

Adding plants to your interior décor is quite a significant spring theme. From statement leaves in fun vases to other nature bits and pieces displayed in jars throughout the house contribute to an aura of freshness. Using wicker baskets to display spring flowers and branches works great.

Bedroom Touch-ups:

Refresh your bedding. Put away all your heavy winter duvets and blankets and put them in storage. Putting in all the heavy clothing of winter in one of the sliding European wardrobes leaves much of the free space in the room. Pianca Wardrobes India has some interesting designs in sliding wardrobes in Mumbai, Delhi, etc.

Using silky, softer and lighter sheets by replacing thicker duvets, pillow covers with silk or cotton alternative in brighter, fun colors in your bedroom works great with the spring theme.

Let in some spring air!

Open up your rooms and let in some fresh air! Replace thicker, heavy curtains meant to keep out the cold of winter by lighter, floral prints. The heavier drapes make the room appear smaller, dull and stuffy. Using cotton drapes in lighter shades actually, add more natural light to the room. Gracefully tuning in with the wind, they do give the perfect spring vibe!

Add some pop tunes!

The ultimate spring update is colorful accessories in the form of colorful vases, quirky objects, artifacts from around town or around the world, showpieces, or even colorful books on your coffee table or console. Using a high in color statement Italian sofa also goes well with the spring’s pop tunes!

Keep it Simple:

Spring is all about keeping it simple yet significant. Turn away your furniture from areas like the fireplace, add lots of bright colored pillows in the fabric on your couches, use airy tablecloths to cover your dark furniture, take down your winter decorations and accessories and add some fresh flowers. Send rugs for spring clean and keep your floors bare. Allow the outside freshness to reflect within.

Revamp your classic coffee table!

Feature a tabletop style that gives off the spring vibe. Place fresh flowers from the local florist in the center-piece style vase, or small flowers in a bowl, or get in more potted plants. Do not crowd the table top with many items on display, keeping it to the bare minimum does the trick.

So whether it is getting a statement Italian sofa, or installing a sliding wardrobe, or buying a whole new range of luxury furniture for your living room, spring décor is all about something new.  With a range of options now available in luxury furniture companies in India like Bonaldo India, Pianca Furniture India, you can choose from Italian furniture, European Wardrobes and twirl beds of your choice that add to your preferred style and bring in some spring vibe to your house.

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