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Make your room more spacious!

Your room should be a perfect mix of enough furniture and not too stuffy. The arrangement of furniture in a room can actually make an impact in terms of space. The way you place your European and Italian wardrobes, Italian sofas, imported cupboards, Italian closets, imported dining table, and twil beds in your Indian style of living, ensures whether you are using your space right. For instance, Sliding wardrobes are quite a space-saver and so are walk-in-closets.   

Other than furniture configuration which is the primary, other factors like the color palette and other furnishings equally are responsible for the spaciousness of the room. But the biggest question is how much furniture and other knickknacks to be put in place? What could be left out too? Here are a few tips that can help you rethink your living room, and the best part is it is completely free!

  • How about improving your home’s traffic flow?

Interestingly, the understanding and management of your home’s traffic flow is a crucial aspect of home décor. How the family and guests move through the house has an immense effect on how spaciousness is perceived in a house. The idea is to evaluate the traffic flow throughout the house, through every room. The movement should make sense and flow smoothly without any stumbling blockages or that you wouldn’t need to walk all the way to go to the next room. Plus there should be enough space for movement, no need to squeeze through or the feeling that you are about to knock something off. Adjustments in the room’s traffic flow can be all about re-arranging the whole room, or just moving some furniture just a few inches or just total de-cluttering!

  • Rearrange to lighten and balance:

You can spread the weight equally around the room and move this heaviness away from the entry. The first thing to be seen in the room should be visibly light or just space. Dispersing the furniture such that the heavy furniture is not stuffed on one end and is balanced with equally eye-catching design particulars is the secret. Further, rearranging the furniture from room to room helps achieve a balanced visual.

  • Clear counters and floor space

Most of the time in whatever space is left in the house, there is a cluttering of unused items. It is said that the clutter that is visibly kept should be of items that need accessing daily. Keep items that are rarely used in cabinets. If storage is less, then creativity can be used. De-cluttering the current storage maximizes shelving space. You can store smaller furniture, less used under large ones. Hanging items on hooks could be a way of getting stuff off from the floor.

  • Make your drapes lighter

Instead of using very heavy curtains that pool on the floor, use curtains that are lighter, floaty and hang in the right proportions, hanging just to touch the floor ends. Tie drapes back tightly.

  • Clean up the house!

A good cleaning up of the whole house is a necessity, especially in terms of rendering space. Scrubbing away also allows more light that aids to spaciousness.

  • Use multipurpose furniture

Adequate seating ought to be squeezed in but one should be mindful of not overdoing it. The use of compact coffee tables that work double time, adds to the décor aspect along with the utility. Ottoman is another piece of furniture that can be used as extra seating, coffee table, and footrest.

Other than that using some space-oriented home décor ideas is sure to ensure more space in your house. Read more about it in the follow-up article.

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