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Open Kitchen or Closed kitchen? Combine the best of both!

 The debate continues as to whether you should go for a more contemporary Open German or Italian modular kitchen layout or stick to the closed classical kitchen style in India. This is especially true of a luxury kitchen in India. While most modern Indian homes are adopting the international contemporary style of open kitchens, yet the kind of lifestyle and cooking methods that Indian homes ensue closed off kitchens more suit the need.

Choosing a particular type of kitchen depends on the particular requirements of a household.

Open kitchens are well-ventilated and spacious along with adding an interesting element of design to the house. They give an air of informality to the house, integrating cooking to other activities, while giving a better chance for interaction, especially with guests in the living room. But an open kitchen is a display of all the mess and unwanted kitchen smells.

A closed kitchen is more formal keeping the cooking area separated from rest of the house keeping the kitchen mess and smells concealed. There is more space for wall cabinets and shelves. However, it suffers from less light and improper ventilation and too much separation.

The pros and cons of both work both ways. But there is sure a middle path to combine the best of both and cons of none.

Here are a few best modern kitchen ideas to follow that works perfectly in combining the benefits of both open and closed kitchens luxury kitchens in India:

  • Sliding doors!

Putting sliding barn doors in your kitchen can make the best of both worlds possible; it can be open or closed depending on your preferences at certain time periods! Adding barriers like metallic mesh curtains also work in adding certain kind of privacy to the kitchen, preventing it from being too open. Whether it is sliding barn doors or metal mesh curtains, unlike closed walls, they allow natural light and air into the kitchen.

  • Partition it with glass!

Installing a glass partition instead of closed off concrete walls works in separating the kitchen from the rest of the house yet allows the flow of natural light into the kitchen while retaining the unwanted smells and sounds of appliances.

It prevents the person indulging in cooking from feeling isolated, making him/her part of the other activities. However for more privacy adding a translucent glass wall or hanging drapes work well.

  • Add some furniture

If your closed kitchen is spacious, installing a small booth, a piece of furniture like a sofa, a fold-down table, etc in closed kitchen actually permits the company of your family or even close guests while you are cooking, allowing you interaction.

  • Cover up just a bit!

Closing up just a small part of the kitchen, especially the part that sees most of the action, like the part which holds the gas stove or the sink can work as well. In this way, the messy part can be hidden while still retaining the open element of the kitchen layout.  This arrangement will also require no compromise on your part on interaction with guests.

  • Put up some vents

Putting up some high-quality and powerful vents work well in preventing all the cooking smells from lingering. Vents allow you to have an open kitchen while preventing the kitchen smells from spreading.

  • Use indoor plants as partition!

Constructing a small kitchen garden by installing earthen pots with indoor plants, especially herbs, can act as a partition along with having some fresh leaves in your cooking.

  • Invest in noise-free appliances

By investing in noise-free appliances, you can still have an open kitchen and prevent the grudging noise of kitchen appliances from spreading to adjacent rooms.

  • Raise the bar.

Raising the height of your kitchen platform area in an open plan kitchen actually bars the visibility of the cooking activities from those sitting in the dining area.

  • Change them up!

Changing the seating arrangement of the guests such that they have all their backs to the open kitchen layout also could be one simple solution to ensuring the privacy of the cooking session.

Follow these simple tips to have the best combination of closed kitchen and open plan kitchen layout! To choose from the best in luxury kitchens in India, there are the options of Italian and German kitchens in Delhi, Mumbai and other cities. Ballerina Kuchen India is a leading luxury kitchen brand in India with the options of the best modular kitchens and imported kitchens in Mumbai and other cities. You can choose between the best contemporary kitchens in India, from German kitchens to Italian kitchens in India.

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