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Style your kitchen right with these best modern Italian kitchen design ideas:

Kitchen is the most essential space in the house. Since the kitchen is the area where we tend to spend a good amount of time, designing the kitchen right, not only makes it appealing and stylish but also quite convenient and time-saving. The kitchen is no less a ‘work-place’ for many and a clutter-free, attractive space is the secret behind any good work done, or ‘good food’ in this case.

Whether your home has a large kitchen space which can be used for effective organization, or there is very less area available to set up a functional kitchen, here are a few modern Italian kitchen design ideas which work wonders in offering a perfect design set-up!

In some designs the available space is used hence to expose the kitchen pieces, while the other designs have hidden spaces with a lot of cabinets contributing to space. Each kitchen design is distinctive but also could be easily customized!

The Italian kitchen designs are some of the best modern kitchens in India. The best Italian kitchen designs are one of the most stylish designs with their use of quality materials to keep up to their tag of being the finest, while at the same time being effectively functional. The Italian kitchens in India are some of the finest specimens of luxury kitchens in India, especially luxury kitchens in Delhi, Mumbai, etc. The Italian kitchens in India are best amongst the imported kitchens in Mumbai, Delhi and other cities. The Ballerina Kitchen India and Del Tongo India are a few luxury kitchen companies in India that provide the best of imported kitchen options in Mumbai and Delhi.

Italian kitchen Design features:

The Italian kitchen furniture designs are mainly space-saving designs, with a focus towards an open space and a minimalist appearance. The Italian kitchens in India play around with these features. They include:

  • Color Pattern:

    Neutral colors are usually combined with vibrant colors, such as shades of purple, red, orange, yellow etc. The kitchen surfaces have a natural appearance, with stainless steel or other glossy countertops against a mosaic, pop or light colored backspace.

    Brightening up your kitchen space with pop colors works wonderfully in the Italian kitchen design. Against dark cabinets and white counter-tops, a dash of pop can be used in the kitchenware, or the use of artificial decorative items, or fresh flowers.

  • Lighting:

    Natural light is preferred. Big windows letting in a lot of light is an essential feature in an Italian kitchen. Placing of flower pots and other potted plants on the counter-top or on tables, artworks depicting flora and fauna, or the use of chandeliers add up to the natural lighting.

  • Modern Barstools:

    The best Italian kitchen designs are all about space. Modern barstools don’t take much room and equally add up to the style quotient. It can act as an eating space within the kitchen. The barstools combine wood and metal to create an effortless modern look.

  • Kitchen Cabinets:  

    The best Italian kitchen designs are committed towards saving space. The kitchen cabinets are hence an important feature, often branded the artwork for the Italian kitchen design theme. The wall-mounted cabinets should be designed right for the right appearance in consonance to your house personality. White or light colored cabinets give a bright, fresh vibe; dark tinged or wooden countertops give a warm, modern appearance. Italian cupboards work perfectly in this regard.

  • Organized space:

    Italian kitchen design is all about diminishing the clutter. Sorting out a specific space for every item tend to reduce the clutter. This creates for an organized kitchen space, with a modern touch of minimalism. The Italian kitchen designs also have shelving units making up for adequate storage, staying true to the space concept.

    The Italian style of kitchen design caters to creating a free-flowing kitchen space that is organized with specific things in specific places and a lot of space for moving around. The Italian Kitchens in India are equipped with some of the best modern kitchen design ideas that perfectly tune with your luxury kitchens styles.

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