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The Modern Kitchen Ideas That Saves Space

Even if you have a tiny luxury kitchen in India, space can be brought about by making some really simple adjustments. It is not necessary that you have to fit in a large basin or a bigger stove in your German or Italian Modular kitchen. The secret is in the innovation, from storage options to the choice of appliances. The difference is definitely in the detail.

Here are few tricks that actually help in saving space in your German or Italian Modular kitchen:

Size is just a number:

The idea is to use small but chic appliances. Mighty appliances also come in smaller sizes that don’t compromise on style at all. Often vintage appliances like the stove and the fridge can be found in smaller sizes. Even high-end companies like Mielle Appliances and Siemens Appliances in Delhi and other cities in India, also make small-space models of sophisticated items for large-scale cooking. Using such appliances in the kitchen saves much space and is quite efficient for a tiny kitchen.

Sync your sinks:

Going for a single bowl sink is quite a space saver. However, if this sink is under mounted it is even better:

  • Single bowl sink:

Using a single bowl sink actually saves a lot of space, in fact, it saves a foot or more of counter space. There are several styles of single bowl sink available and you can easily play around with the designs.

  • Under mount sink:

Having an under mount sink saves a lot of space. Especially a small single bowl sink that is under mount, is perfect in case of a tiny kitchen. The edges of this sink will be concealed which enables more work-space on the counter beside the sink.

The Secret is in the Storage:

  • Wall up your storage:

Wall-mounted storage is the ultimate space-saver! If there is a blank wall, instead of leaving it that way or decorating it, especially in your Italian or German modular kitchen, make the most of this available space by converting it into storage. Mount rows of racks on the wall from the floor to the ceiling. Installing magnetic racks, using hooks to hang kitchen tools, creates additional storage. When storing up the utensils it should be done strategically such that no space is wasted. Painting the storage space in darker colors makes it more intentional and organized.

  • Cabinets to the roof

The Italian cupboards for storage can be constructed such that they go all the way up to the roof making up more space. Even if the top cabinets are quite high in this regard, making it less accessible, in a small space this storage option is worthwhile. In a design trick, ceiling-high cabinets actually give the illusion of visual expansion of space.

  • Custom all-in-one island

One can use a compact all-in-one island as the single storage. This island is replete with a sink, a stove, a range, and storage for pots and pans, and kitchen tools like knives and garbage. All the kitchen essentials are stored in this island with stools on the opposite side of it for seating.

  • Pullout Pantry:

A pull-out pantry is a great option and quite a space-saver. A slim pantry can be tucked everywhere, even in the narrowest space with the items easily accessible even if they are at the way back.

Minimalism is the savior:

In a small luxury kitchen in India the whole battle is about space so minimalism should be the mantra. The theme should be lighter, minimal and efficient. Often in tiny Italian kitchens in India it is easy to knock out items like not just utensils but also knobs and handles among others. Adopting a minimalist outlook with minimal hardware, keeps things slender. A good amount of light with proper ventilation helps opening up a narrow, tight kitchen and so does glossy cabinets!

Open up!

Removing the door in a tiny luxury kitchen in India helps make the room appear larger. It is the simplest way to add space to a small kitchen. A closed off kitchen is, in fact, smaller so having the opening widened by the removal of the door or a portion of the wall, makes a smaller room appear large. An open luxury kitchen in India is not just very contemporary and stylish but also an efficient space-saver.

De-clutter is the magic word!

De-clutter always makes room for space, after all, less sure is more! Keep only those kitchen utensils, tools and appliances that are the best and along with essential. Be very particular about the items you keep, only if they are frequently used and the best luxury Italian products.

If you follow these tips you are sure to make the essential space in your tiny classical kitchen in India.


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