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Tips for Making Your Room More Inviting

Your living space is almost a peek into your inner style. So decorating the rooms in the house such that they reflect your design personality is the key. Setting the right design mood in your house is needed to make it a home, so naturally, you would want it to be soothing, calm, friendly, and especially inviting.

Furniture like Italian wardrobes, European cupboards, Italian Closets, Italian cupboards and Italian sofas can also make a huge difference, the placement of which in the right places can make the rooms interesting. There are a few great options in luxury furniture in Mumbai, Delhi, and other cities. The leading brands like Pianca furniture India and Bonaldo India, have the variety of luxury Italian products to their credit from finesse Italian sofas, imported cupboards, Italian wardrobes, and other modern wardrobes in India.

Here are a few home décor tips that come in handy when you are all about renovating your old space or revamping your house theme or setting up a new home altogether.

Choose the color last:

Paint colors in their varying degrees of tints, tones, and shades look different with different houses, especially because of the change in light sources. Furthermore, the idea is to pick the color that goes in with the room upholstery, artwork, and other design essentials.

Using a consistent color scheme for the rooms, especially neutral shades like pale blue, cream, greens and rustic, earthy colors works, but bright, bold colors could be avoided.  

Give your furniture Breathing space:

Contemporary Italian furniture styles in India are all about keeping the minimalistic theme, which entails on a lot of space in the furniture set-up. Resist overcrowding a room with luxury Italian products especially; space is the main element of contemporary furniture. This allows the statement pieces like European cupboards, Italian Closets, and Italian sofas to stand out.

For any room in the house, comfort is the priority. Even if minimalist as part of the contemporary theme is all about space, yet comfort should be the ultimate goal. There should be enough tables and furniture for people to place things, work or for general use, depending on the utility of the room. Other than that placing a lot of cushions, especially in your Italian sofa add to the comfort element without making the room look stuffy.

Light in the right places:

Good lighting is an important determining factor in home décor. Lighting can make or break the rest of the design. Central downward lighting such as a chandelier, spotlighting, accent lighting, etc works perfectly. All the lights needn’t be used all time, but having various options for lighting actually is a design element.

Letting in the natural light is always the best option. Having layers of drapes over window panes actually help for maximum light adjustment, especially in the living room makes the room pleasantly lit up at different times of the day.

Make a statement:

If you want to use artworks as statement décor, make sure that the midline of each piece is 57 inches to 60 inches from the floor.

You can use your Italian sofa to make a statement too! Read about it more here: Styling Tips for Your Living Room Statement Italian Sofa

The use of pillows, blankets, and other items also add a statement to the room furniture. Essential oils also add flavor to the room with its beautifully soothing aroma.

Anchor your furniture:

If there is an Italian sofa in the middle of the living room, anchor it with a sofa table. This makes the area structured.

Similarly, anchoring your Italian Wardrobe, Italian cupboard and the Italian closets or even your imported dining table works well in bringing in a structured element to your house.

Bring home the Natural:

Let in the natural light as much as possible into your house. This compliments with the minimalistic element of contemporary luxury furniture in India. The use of natural texture will add visual warmth along with a richer vibe. The use of linen, natural-fiber carpets, fabric woven furniture, fabric wall-covering etc, along with wooden items of décor, and flora, helps in rendering the natural element in your house.

These tips will ensure the attractiveness of the rooms in your house. The perfect placement of furniture in your living space, be it anchoring your Italian sofa to make a statement, or letting in the lights reflect on your European wardrobe or the coloring your walls in consonance with your Italian cupboard works wonders! Giving your furniture breathing space is essential and adding some natural element does the trick.

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